404 Meaning Of Porsche Exhaust Smoke Colors & Troubleshooting Ways

Meaning Of Porsche Exhaust Smoke Colors & Troubleshooting Ways

What is the meaning of the color of the smoke out of the Porsche exhaust pipes? Depending on the color, the vehicle may be having mechanical problems and some of which require a big amount of money for repair. What dangers posed these colors like black, blue, white and so on? Here is a short detail of these Porsche exhaust smoke colors.
Blue Smoke: 
•If the smoke out of the Porsche exhaust pipe is colored blue, this usually means that the engine is burning too much oil. It usually occurs when being worn seals guide the valves or the rings of the piston. •There is a loss of oil, which would go from the parts that need lubricating to the combustion chamber, natural place where fuel is burned. •Another reason why it may be smoke blue is the possible sign of a problem in the turbo boost, becoming recommended replacement or repair. •With the emergence of blue smoke, it is wise to check the oil level regularly and repair any defective parts and piston rings. 
Gray Smoke:
•Mechanical experts mention that when the smoke out of the Porsche exhaust pipe is gray, the problem is more difficult to diagnose. Like when smoke is blue, with the appearance of gray smoke the car may be burning oil or mount a defective turbocharger. In this case, precautions to follow are the same as when it comes out blue smoke. •In addition, the gray smoke could mean a jam or malfunction PCV system (system of positive crankcase ventilation). However, when the PCV valve is stuck, the pressure can cause oil leakage. Fortunately, no PCV valves are expensive and the problem can be solved simply by any mechanical. 
White Smoke: 
•If the smoke out of the Porsche exhaust pipe is white and if it comes out in very small quantities as well as with thin wires, in principle there is no reason for concern. Because it many be due to the accumulation of normal condensation inside the Porsche exhaust system. •When the vehicle continues to accumulate miles and after a few minutes of operation, this fine white smoke usually disappears. •However, when the thread of white smoke is thicker and denser than normal, the problem is more serious, since what is burning is the coolant engine. This can be caused by a serious problem in the head gasket on the cylinder head or a possible crack in the engine block. Settlement of all breakdowns usually wears a large financial outlay. •Do not ignore the latter, because the problem could worsen. A small leak of coolant can lead to a serious risk of overheating and very serious damage to the engine. Also, the coolant leak can also be mixed with oil and cause serious problems for your car.
Black Smoke: 
•If the smoke is black, this is a sure sign that the engine is burning a lot of fuel. This occurs for any possible deficiencies in the air filter of the engine sensors, the injection nozzle and the fuel pressure regulator. The black smoke is usually the easiest way to diagnose a problem in your Porsche exhaust system. So if you repair it quickly it will be both beneficial for the health of your car and your economic situation. In other case your Porsche car will spend more amount of fuel.
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